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I did it!

October 6, 2020

Yes, I did! 12 days AF – 2 weekends!

This past weekend we went to the coast to spend a few days on our boat on the Gold Coast. This is usually when I start with some beers with lunch, and then onto wine/ bubbles and a cheese platter. Along comes dinner, and I am off to bed before it is even ready. NOT THIS TIME!

I was fully present for the whole weekend with my kids. There was a bit of a hick-up Saturday when my daughter, her partner and my husband decided that a few beers were needed, they were fairly pissy by the time bed time rolled around. I was so angry that he couldn’t support me, and it was just throwing it back in my face that I wasn’t drinking. We talked about it the next morning and he apologised. I reminded him how much of a struggle it is for me. I don’t mind him having a few drinks, but to get drunk in front of me was beyond a joke.

I got through this time by attending our Virtual AA National Conference on Zoom. This was held in the city that I’ve started going to my AA meetings and our group leader was the Chairperson for a lot of the discussions that I wanted to listen too. My husband loaded everyone up in the tender and went for a drive to look at the other boats while the ones that I wanted to listen too so I wouldn’t be disturbed. He got one thing right for the weekend.

Tomorrow I am off to my next meeting feeling a lot better about what is going to happen there. I am going with a open mind and heart.

D xx

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