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December 17, 2020

Wow! As struggling alcoholic trying to get sober I was gob smacked today with the amount of ads that I had on facebook and Instagram about alcohol . I have joined lots of Alcohol addiction groups for support and listening to other peoples stories and how they got through it. I couldn’t believe how many ads there were.

Maybe everyone has had them for this time of year…. but fuck me.. I don’t need to see them.

Let’s talk about Facebook memories

Another stab to the heart. Everyday I look at them there is at least 1 or 2 (ok 3) of me posting about having a wine at the end of the day , or it is a friend posting a meme on my page about having a wine. Looking back at those memories of FB has been a a big reality check to me. People identify me with having a wine glass in my hand. It has made me sad and ashamed of that.

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  1. David Crumley permalink

    I feel this hard. 3 years sober. Ditched my old Facebook page(still active because of the pictures) because it was just chalk full of pictures and memories of me drunk all the time. Still have trouble walking by a liquor store but ads don’t bother me and I can go to a pub and eat with friends with no temptation. Still have those moments though.

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