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A visit to my GP

December 18, 2020

Today I went to see my GP, I was due for my depression and blood pressure medication prescription repeats and I confessed to him about how much I was drinking. Boy that was hard, he has been my GP for over 20 years. I have lied to him about how much I drank. I remember reading my last referral to a specialist where it said I only drank once a week or less and thinking that how wrong that was.. But I still didn’t tell him the truth.

We have increased my depression meds back to what they were earlier in the year and he also prescribed me Campral. It is used to stop the cravings of alcohol. That is what I was hoping he was going to do.

I am a researcher, I have to find information about anything that is going on with my life. Even researching menus for the restaurants that I am going to… That is my need to be in control! I NEED to know!

I have done research about Alcoholism, I have read lots of stories and read lots of books. I stumbled across a website or maybe a blog post about the different meds that you can take to help with recovery. One of the ones that I can take with all my other meds is Campral. I have read lots of stories where it has helped in recovery.

Another big thing I did today was join the Naked Mind Experiment. It is a program by a recovered Alcoholic Annie Grace. I have all of her books and they really ring true to me.

You receive daily emails with videos to guide you through each day. There is also journal questions for you to answer about how you are doing and a space to enter your thoughts that you can go back and see in the future. It is also a community that you can post and reply to other posts.

Between that, my new medications and my therapy I am hopeful for recovery. I need to do this for me, I want to live again!

One day at a time

D x

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  1. David Crumley permalink

    It can be a tough road to get Sober but it’s worth it. 3 years for me. One day at a time!

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