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I’ve fucked up again

January 2, 2021


When will this shit stop? I had wine last night, and again today……. I am so fucking disgusted with myself. but I can’t stop… I want to do this…I need to do this!

Craig is at golf again this afternoon, that is the bored and lonely feeling back again….. so with in a an hour of him going to golf, I was at the bottle shop. What is with that shit?

Tomorrow Craig and I are going on holidays…. on our boat. He will be there 24/7 and no chance for me to duck off to the bottle shop to get more wine, as there are no bottle shops in the middle of the ocean! I am looking forward to it…… no access, and Craig has said that he isn’t bring any alcohol on the boat either.. I NEED this, I need to be removed from it all. I need to be away from the temptation!

I am writing this post for me to look back on, to see how I have finally got through this.. And I know I will…

One day at a time

D xx

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