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Day 3

January 4, 2021

It’s 4am. Instead of waking up with the terrible guilt of drinking to blackout, I’m waking with the intense need to use the bathroom. I can handle that. I just need to be able to go calm the mind so I can go back to sleep. I’ve always been an early riser,

Not drinking while on the boat with my husband has been relatively easy. He’s not a big drinker. I did get up from a nap yesterday afternoon and ‘caught’ him drinking a beer. He was so apologetic and said he thought he could sneak one in before I woke up. I told him he didn’t have to do that. It’s my problem not his.

I actually got to have a conversation with him about where I’m at and the program that I’m doing. He then went on to tell me about a mutual friend that got sober last year and how he did it. I had a little giggle and said I already knew as we were both part of a group where he had been posting his journey and that we had already had a conversation or 3 about it. He was a bit put out that I didn’t tell him earlier, but hey, it’s not my story to tell. He understood that.

Being away on the boat has really pointed out that my trigger is been at home, bored and lonely. I’ll have to work on that when I get home.

I’m a bit behind with watching my coaching videos and journaling but hopefully I’ll get caught up,today while hubby does some fishing.

I have spent a lot of time reading memoirs (thank you for instant downloads on my iPad lol) of getting sober. I’m getting lots of inspiration from them. I thank god that I was never as bad as some of the stories that I’ve read, but if they can get sober after all that, then I CAN TOO! Any suggestions on a good read?

One Day at a time.

D x

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