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January 6, 2021

Omg! One thing I didn’t know about detoxing from alcohol was the horrendous amount of vile smelling flatulence that I would have. Oh boy, talk about stomach churning!

I can physically feel my stomach deflating after every episode. I thought it was because I was actually eating, instead of filling myself up with wine.

I did a bit of a google doctor search and it’s apparently my gut healing after 10+ years of consuming alcohol daily. I asked on my Live Alcohol Experiment page whether it was normal. I had lots of chuckles reading everyone’s responses. Yep! Apparently I am not alone!

It was suggested that I get some probiotics, so I started them last night. Hopefully it stops soon, I need to save my marriage 😂😂😛

On another note, I’ve noticed my sleeping is getting better. I’m finally getting some deep sleep and more than 1 REM nightly. I’m hoping it gets better soon! Tired and cranky Donna is not very pleasant to be around. 😖 😝

I’m so excited that I’ve made day # 6

One day at a time

D xx

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